About Us

What is Big Sky Baseball?

Big Sky Baseball is the Premier High School fall scout teams in the region since 2000. Specifically designed to guide and enhance the process of advancing players to the college or professional level. The Select program provides an excellent learning atmosphere, competition and exposure for its participants. The purpose for Big Sky Baseball is to give talented and hardworking high school baseball players the opportunity to receive exposer to both college and professional baseball scouts and coaches. We train and prepare players to travel and play in high school showcases on the weekends in the fall season, to gain exposure and build relationships while allowing many coaches and scouts to see our players play. We want to showcase your specific talents and we will play you in positions that best suit your baseball talent, for playing in college. By playing with Big Sky Baseball not only does it allow you showcase your talent it makes you a better baseball player for the next summer season. We will not press you to work hard to improve your talent. You are responsible for your preparation to showcase your ability; we will help you in any way we can. The Big Sky Baseball staff is well respected by coaches from all over the country.

Showcase Events

Events attending are the Slammers Labor Day Trny and the AZ Fall Classics for each class. Big Sky Baseball will be only organization from this area attended the showcases in AZ. The AZ Fall Classics are one of the most scouted events in the country. You will also have a chance to apply for Academic Game try outs Senior and Junior weekends in AZ. There is certain criteria that has to be met to be able to try out for the academic game. I can let you know how to apply for the academic game try-outs if interested. Complete schedules will be posted on the website as soon as they are finalized.